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Minimal Stylish Timeless Cool Functional Unisex

Pure Mind Clothing creates minimal, stylish, timeless, cool, functional, affordable clothing in black or white and is refreshingly age & gender free. If you like the classic loose floppy cool stylish minimal deconstructed look of 80s/90s Yamamoto/Comme des Garçons, combined with a classic Indian lightness and feel, you will love Pure Mind.

Pure Mind is a fresh new conceptual approach to what clothing should be, where it’s going, and, what its function should be in the 21st century and brings a refreshingly intelligent aesthetic into its style alchemy and philosophy.

The Pure Mind aesthetic delivers a definite freedom and lightness of being to the wearer, with simple, minimal, affordable, cool, stylish, functional, practical clothing. PM is designed to be entirely unisex and age free, so whatever your age, sex, cultural background or nationality, PM provides a simple effortless style upgrade.


Black Or White

Pure Mind Clothing comes in plain black or white to mix together as you choose, soft material with a loose unrestrictive simple stylish ‘floppy’ look and a hint of that delicious classic ‘Yamamoto/Comme des Garçons- slightly crumpled vibe’. Practical relaxed and cool! The Pure Mind idea is built around a simple uncomplicated minimal aesthetic and democratization of design.



Pure Mind Clothing is very affordable and extremely well made so, whether at work or play PM’s cool simplicity makes sure you look and feel good and generate positive energy and good vibrations.


Look Cool and Feel Great

The Pure Mind functional aesthetic translates loosely as this: if you have to go away for a few days-business/ holiday/long weekend, most current fashion offers you a messy dysfunctional collage of uncomfortable tight fitting clothes, in a conflicting variety of clashing colors patterns and shapes. You pack an oversized bag with far to much stuff and when you arrive you spend ages thinking about what goes with what, if at all. The resulting stress and irritation is something you really don’t need!!

With Pure Mind you take just one outfit one Jacket, one trouser, waistcoat, one of our delicious ‘must have’ cloud tops, a couple of shirts, a big PM scarf, and our big floppy bag! Any combination will look great and everything fits together, and you can take off/put on as you feel. A spare shirt and top can be carried in the large floppy Pure Mind bag (say a white one if you have an all black outfit!), and you can just fold and stuff whatever else you need to take off in the bag! As all garments are soft and loose, they are easy to ‘fold & stuff’! So that’s literally all you need!

So you will look cool and feel great throughout the day, and when you go out in the evening your still looking cool & easy, you have that spare PM shirt and top in your bag, if you have time to change, if not it doesn’t matter, you will still look cool! If you get to warm, just stuff the jacket in the bag or take of the shirt and just wear the waistcoat or slip on our ‘must have’ cloud tops, any combination will look good! All garments have big floppy pockets, so there’s plenty of place to stuff things in and it won’t spoil the shape, as they are designed to be stuffed! (Remember that great Yohji Yamamoto / Comme des Garçons look where everything looked wonderfully crumpled and veeeeeeery expensive) And! You don’t need to iron anything! Just soak in lukewarm/cold water for a few minutes, rinse and squeeze, put on a hanger! It dries quickly and will soon be ready to wear!


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