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HUO Jacket

Price £89.00

HUO Jacket is a beautiful soft stylish comfortable garment with large functional pockets. Sleeves are long with small open cuffs. Designed to be worn loose and floppy, the HUO jacket has 4 buttons to the waist allowing the jacket to vent open creating a great shape, and showing off long shirt feature. It’s fully lined, and has an additional inside pocket, the material is beautiful soft yet hard wearing viscose rayon which is a delight to wear and looks wonderful.


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Which size?
Which size?

All Pure Mind clothes are designed to be worn loose and floppy - so when selecting your size it is simple and easy.

Size 1
If you are a small or smallish person, simply select size 1. The lady featured in the PM photos is Chinese and quite small, she is wearing size 1, so it as great example of the nice floppy loose ‘PM look’.

Size 2
If you are slightly larger and more curvy then order size 2. Size 2 will be appropriate for slim men and bigger more curvy women.

Size 3
Size 3 will be for the larger man or woman.

Size 4
Size 4 will be for people who normally need ‘generously cut’ clothing. Again as the fit and styling is designed to be loose not fitted, the problems that occur with more fitted garments do not apply.


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