Frequently Asked Questions and Advice


What is the difference between men and women’s version of Pure Mind Clothing?

No difference. Pure Mind Clothing is a gender free/unisex label.


What material do you use for Pure Mind Clothing?

Most garments are made in beautiful soft hard wearing viscose rayon, originally designed as an artificial silk this is one of the classic great looking fabrics and not only looks and hangs beautifully but is incredibly comfortable to wear.

Only Heshi shirt is made in 100% cotton. Very light, perfect for the summer.


What size should I choose?

Sizes are 1/2/3/4, simple and easy, and as the garments are not designed to be fitted, problem free when choosing your size from the guidelines provided for each garment.

So if you are a small or smallish person, simply select size 1. (The lady featured in the PM photos is Chinese and quite small, she is wearing size 1, so it as great example of the nice floppy loose ‘PM look’).

If you are slightly larger and more curvy then order size 2. (Size 2 will be appropriate for slim men and bigger more curvy women.)

Size 3 will be for the larger man or woman.

Size 4 will be for people who normally need ‘generously cut’ clothing. Again as the fit and styling is designed to be loose not fitted, the problems that occur with more fitted garments do not apply.


What colours are available?

Garments are made only in pure white or black.


How should I wash Pure Mind clothes?

Wash all garments by hand, cold or very lukewarm wash, with gentle non-bleach wash material. Rinse thoroughly in cold water and squeeze very gently dry. Gently smooth out and hang on a hanger or over a line or bathroom shower curtain unit (for example) and allow to dry overnight or in a few hours. Do NOT iron! These garments will dry out with a few minimal creases and ‘crumples’ these are a design feature and should not be ironed out, as this will spoil the ‘look’.


What shoes should I wear with Pure Mind clothes?

Please do not wear high healed shoes with Pure Mind! PM is designed to be worn with flat shoes and will look far more stylish and cool if you take our advice.


Package and Postage

We ship to the world, with different prices and delivery time. Please choose the shipping method that suits your parcel before checking out.

  • (UK) 1st class (Recorded Signed For) Royal Mail UK, 5 – 7 days, p&p first item £5 (each additional item £3)

  • (EU) Royal Mail UK, 7 – 10 days, p&p first item £10 (each additional item £3)

  • (Outside EU) Royal Mail UK, 10 – 15 days, p&p first item £20 (each additional item £5)