Post-modern minimalist

Noriko Yoshimura,
Design Historian Japan

“ Pure Mind Clothing captures perfectly the sense and essence of the classic Japanese design aesthetic, particularly the '80s school' of Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake...”


About us

Minimal Stylish Timeless Cool Functional Affordable Clothing In Black Or White Age & Gender Free!

"With their clever and well thought through brand of ‘Arty Designer Minimalist Cool’, Pure Mind Clothing seems to have found a cure for the malaise that has been affecting or perhaps ‘infecting’ the fashion industry for so long. By taking a dash of Yamamoto/Comme/Japanese 80s cool minimalism and blending it with classic Asian shapes and soft exceptionally wearable fabrics, the Pure Mind Look is a breath of fresh air for a tired over-decorated lacklustre industry."